An Interview With … Miss Liz

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Miss Elizabeth Cloke

Miss Elizabeth Cloke is the new Head Of Tenby International Secondary, Penang.

Some of our Yearbook team members (Rahaul, Antonia and Kate) interviewed her recently.


Q: What do you like about Tenby so far?

A: The staff & students have made me feel very welcome at Tenby Penang!


Q: What would be your addition to the canteen?

A: Vegetarian sausages and mash


Q: If there was a dragon/zombie invasion, what would you do?

A: Open the gates and tell everyone to run to the beach/hills.


Q: What would you change about the school?

A: Build a big auditorium for school plays/ indoor basketball court/ football field with athletics track.


Q: What is your view on the different activities throughout the school?

A: The vast opportunities for the students of all ages is mind blowing!


Q: Do you know the game heads down thumbs up?

A: Yes, but I’m not very passionate about it.


Q:Any paranormal experiences?

A: Yes, I was once sleeping, and I heard a loud bang under my bed I looked and there was nothing there but I was certain there was a ghost!!

Carmina Burana

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On Sunday 8th May 2016, after months and months of hard work, the ‘Tenby in Harmony’ choir (consisting of staff and students from the five Tenby Schools across Malaysia, and led and conducted by the fantastic Mr Andrew Auster), finally came together to give a mind blowing performance of the epic Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.

The performance took place at the magnificent Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, and included from Tenby Schools Penang, Dakota Loh, Belinda Teoh, Lim Hwa Ming, Ricardo Pua, Vishal Chopra, Mr Tsaanneng, and Mr Nick, who all sung their hearts out!

The performance was a fantastic success and an unforgettable experience to all those who took part!

Video of the performance (1 hour 10 minutes):


Year 11I 2015-16

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TIS Blackboard 11IHere I am now, finally a part of my new class, Year111. Although it has already been 5 months, I still remember the first day I transferred to this school as if though it was just yesterday. During my first day here, the moment I walked into the classroom, I was filled with a sense of warmth as everyone welcomed me with open arms, including my form tutor Mr. Adrian. Thinking back now, Mr. Adrian was a splendid help towards me as he made sure I had my timetable sorted out and even asked a student to assist me for a whole week to ensure I didn’t get lost or if I needed any help.

As the days went on, I realised I started to create bonds and memories with my classmates. I started talking and hanging out with a group of people, which led to a wider range of social circles. I truly enjoyed everyone’s company as everyone was different in their own way. To be honest, I’m pretty sure everyone enjoys their recess time. It’s one of the only times when we can just sit back and chill with our friends from different classes, especially with the food to keep us company.

Being the new student, people tend to ask me whether I enjoyed my tutor class. No matter how many times people would ask me that, I would always without a doubt answer yes, I do enjoy my tutor class. I like how before tutor time, our class teacher would play really modernised music and everyone would just sit back and relax. Moreover, I also like how our class’s teamwork is exceptionally good. Whenever a situation arises, everyone would work together to solve it.

I’ve come to a conclusion that all of the classes were different in their own spectacular way. I believe the Year11s this year are like family as everyone mixes and blends well with each other. I am absolutely thankful that I was put into Year111 as without a doubt, this is the class for me.

Written by: Nicole Lee Y11I


Year 10S 2015-16

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TIS Blackboard 10S
There’s a point in life where every youth is forced to ask ‘is school the joy of one’s life?’ And yet the depth of this statement is not about school but instead the friends you can make that will determine the life as a student. As a class, we ought to make friends, and today that friendship is the fundamental bonds of our life as students. I’m proud to be part of such a loving class and honoured to strive through the impediments of our life side by side with them. Everyday, we spend time together knowing that above all out intellectual abilities our class represents the importance of friendship more than anything else and therefore our form class never fail to acknowledge that. Consequently, here we are united with our petty differences as a class, chiseling our way to the pinnacle of success and augmenting our strength together.

What a fine class. Day by day, we grow in the shadows of our mentor, Mr. Baz. If there is but one teaching to remember about Mr. Baz is that he values the strength of acceptance of our very different personalities. Also, the best part of year 10S is that we get to witness the moments of our growth to become great people in the future. That is what drives us and that is why I’m proud of being part of this class. I understand that this was meant to be a description of who we are as a class but whatever I wrote above represents more than that, it represents who we will be as a class in a very prestigious school and as a family in the outside world. From childhood to old age, this would be the moments we cherish the most in life. As a result being part of 10S has shown me not to fear taking the first leap out of my comfort zone, out of our childhood as I know my peers of 10T will be by my side the hold time and my tutor Mr. Baz will bring about as much motivation needed to drive us into this obscure world.

My fellow readers, what it means to be part of 10S. We 10S are a blaring lot. Our form tutors are the best. Today, I will take the opportunity to express my thoughts on my class and to say a jovial thank you to my form tutors and my faithful mates for their perpetual zest that beings out the joy of school life. Friendship is indeed the hardest thing in the world to explain!

By Ananth Acharya